Taking The Stage…

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You may not have been aware, but prior to my beautiful boy entering this world, I was on the pathway to the stars… not the spiritual metaphor of the stars, but the Hollywood version! Having spent the first 27 years of my life discovering what it means to be walking on this Timeship Earth and trying everything I could to … Read More

Welcome to the Imaginarium!

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For the last 5000 years, our planetary consciousness has been on an intense journey evolving from our fear based survival form back in the cavemen days to the present day moment where you are sitting at some form of incredible technological feat of design and innovation that allows us to mimic telepathy, transmitting my message to you with nothing more … Read More

A Hero’s Guide to Quicksand…

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One of the greatest analogies that I stumbled across many years ago in my journey, still to this day sits in my artillery for those tougher days when things are feeling overwhelming and I just want to throw in the towel. To be honest, I think I learnt this in McGyver, that classic 80’s survivalist adventurer who always managed to fix … Read More

The Chicken or the Egg…?

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If you are anything like the many others I have been working with around the planet, then these past couple of weeks are likely to have challenged many of your beliefs and thought patterns around who you are and what you are doing with you life… Right now, you have the greatest opportunity in history, to take real progressive steps … Read More

Rebelling against the Rebellion!

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For most of my life, I always had a sensation that there was something so much bigger than what I was being told or could see around me. I pursued that feeling from a young age exploring religions, occupations, different friends, and activities in a constant search for that elusive something… Then as I began to get older, working as … Read More

The Sacred Art of Selfishness…

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Hi *|FNAME|*, Selfishness… just the word feels icky right? If you are anything like me, then chances are you are reading this email because you have a higher vision for our humanity of a world that works together for peace, looking after each other and creating Living Art from our collective lives, rather then holding each other down through survival … Read More

Chaos, the fuel for Innovation…

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Ah what a time to be alive! We are moving through a very crazy time in our global history, as our planetary alignments are triggering a time release program to support the shifting of ages, moving from a world fueled by fear and lack, to a new age governed by love and compassion.  The bridging of these two realities is … Read More

Entering The Mystery…

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How many times have your reached a peak moment in your life, especially recently, where you feel like you are on the top of the mountain and can see for miles ahead. Filled with visions of your future, feeling solid in your direction and steps you need to take… and then suddenly… it feels like that solid groundedness falls out … Read More

The Art of Patience…

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There will be those times when the fire in your heart is blazing, you are making awesome progress in your journey towards purpose with life rolling out the red carpet filled with Synchronicities abound, filled with Ease and Grace.  Then comes those moments… when you wake up in the morning and THUNK… It feels like you suddenly hit a brick … Read More

The Vessel of Love

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We are currently moving through a transit that Human Design would refer to as the Vessel of Love. As beautiful as this sounds, it is actually quite a challenging process for many. This is how it works… (Bare with me… it will make sense soon) Imagine a glass filled with dirty oil, thick, black and stinky! Now in your imagination, … Read More